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Discover how Panther's culture revolves around our contractors and how we are committed to ensuring that your business will prosper. Experience the numerous programs designed to keep you moving and profitable. Learn what our current contractors think about Panther and why they are considered the best in the business.

We know that nothing is handed to us in this business. If you want something you have to go out there and earn it.
What is earned at Panther is earned out here on the road.
There are no shortcuts when driving for Panther. You do things right the first time and you will be rewarded for it every time.

More than


Customers contracted with Panther as their transportation solution provider.



Availability percentage of Panther contractors that grossed more than $100,000 in 2014.

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Number of docks that Panther can utilize for various services.

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Panther's retention rate is 38% higher than the industrial average.

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Truck Decal Yes Yes Yes
More Load Opportunities Silver Priority Gold Priority
Hometyme Priority Bronze Priority Silver Priority Gold Priority
Rollover Miles 1,000 10,000
Cash Rewards $50 $100 $150
RPM Cash Bonus $0.005 $0.01 $0.015

Panther’s Premier Rewards Program rewards drivers for their loyalty and commitment - much like airline frequent flier or credit card loyalty programs. To qualify, drivers must meet Panther’s load and mile thresholds as well as the stringent requirement of 99% or better on-time service. Those who meet the qualifications achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold membership status within Panther’s Organization.

Panther Facts

In 2014, Panther spent over $300,000 on rewards incentives for qualified contractors.

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